for two years. -less often, now

Outdoor Activities

Wind Up

8529096419_3cab8fedff_bTK-341 plays with his new toy.





The Cyclops also gardens

8529098625_e6705552b8_bOrmus tends his rooftop garden.

Trekking into the new year


Mithrandir & the Hiker are going on an adventure.

Snow Bunny


Easter Bunny in the off-season.

Hiking in a Winter Wonderland


on this eve

I hope everyone has an excellent Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Enjoy family, friends, presents, and most importantly: food. I’ve been home for approximately 48 hours and have already eaten enough of my mother’s Christmas cookies to last a month. Merry Christmas everyone!


Santa visits the troops on Hoth.

No snow

The waiting is the hardest part

Day 361

After the war, members of the Trade Federation turned to more agrarian solutions.

Day 357

Day 354

The lawn cutting & cleanup crew.

Day 348

Day 342

Day 340

“Well,” said this Inspector, “it’s a Ladybug!”

Day 339

Day 337

Reflections of the Sith.

Day 334

Day 333

Day 328