for two years. -less often, now


Keep Calm & Costume On




The Cyclops also gardens

8529098625_e6705552b8_bOrmus tends his rooftop garden.


IMGP6667Standing watch for all in 2013.

Beware, 2013. We’re ready.


Just act natural

Surrounded by murderous robots programmed to destroy all humans, Steve hoped his camouflage would hold up.

Snow Bunny


Easter Bunny in the off-season.

on this eve

I hope everyone has an excellent Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Enjoy family, friends, presents, and most importantly: food. I’ve been home for approximately 48 hours and have already eaten enough of my mother’s Christmas cookies to last a month. Merry Christmas everyone!


Santa visits the troops on Hoth.

the fighter still remains

And he carries the reminders of every glove that laid him down or cut him
’till he cried out in his anger and his shame
“I am leaving, I am leaving,”

but the fighter still remains

The Boxer

In the clearing stands a boxer, and a fighter by his trade

The Test

As his mentors eagerly watched, Eric began the final trial: defeating the cat of doom.


The ninjas get a new pet.

No snow

The waiting is the hardest part

Worlds Collide

“Well,” said the Inspector, “it’s an inspector!”


Dylan and Steve took their jobs as dinosaurs a little too seriously.

Day 364

“Well,” said the Inspector, “I’ve seen better.”

(Thanks to Stephane from Le Mans for the idea – though I tweaked it a little)

Day 360

Randy had seen how the stranger’s drink had affected his two friends, yet he reluctantly accepted it.

Day 358

Day 356

Many men had had tried and failed to reach the succulent sweetness inside the fruit.
Now, it was Rachel’s turn.

Day 355

The Black Ninja.
Shadow of the night.
Blade of justice.
Bringer of righteous tunes.