for two years. -less often, now

Street Photography

Keep Calm & Costume On


Day 354

The lawn cutting & cleanup crew.

Day 334

Day 333

Day 331

TK-443 won the radio contest, and got to drive the fire engine.

Day 324

’till you drop!

Day 323

Day 308

Day 291

It was at that moment that Lenny’s dreams of becoming a part of the biker gang faded into oblivion.

Day 289

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand…

Day 274

The final candid street photo for this week is my mom. She had just gotten home from work and caught me snapping away with my camera. Hi mom!

Day 273

This work crew was fixing a transformer that had blew out the night before during a storm. This was as close as they’d let me get.

Day 272

I talked with Martin for about 10 minutes after taking this photo of him on the bench with his laptop. He was waiting for the bus home.

Day 271

This poor lady had a bike accident. I snapped this photo before helping her up.
Priorities, right?

Day 270

While crossing Brick Boulevard, I managed to get this shot of renowned Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker out for a stroll.

Day 269

TK-109 stops at the ATM.