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IMGP6667Standing watch for all in 2013.

on this eve

I hope everyone has an excellent Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Enjoy family, friends, presents, and most importantly: food. I’ve been home for approximately 48 hours and have already eaten enough of my mother’s Christmas cookies to last a month. Merry Christmas everyone!


Santa visits the troops on Hoth.

Day 303

In honor of all who have served, and are currently serving, the pirates feast on this Memorial Day holiday.

Day 267

Every Easter Vader would use the Force to hold the Trooper’s candy just out of reach.

Day 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993

Happy Pi Day!

Use the above equation to find the area of a circle!

***Per your requests, this photos has been added to SmugMug!!***

Day 198

Be mine.


Make sure you’re here on Wednesday for the caption contest! You could win the prize!

Day 157

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho! After a long holiday vacation, back to work they go.

Day 154

All is quiet on new year’s day.

Day 147 – Merry Christmas!

For Christmas, the Troopers presented Darth with a 1/100 scale model of his TIE Fighter.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Day 146

Little Danny waits for Santa.

Day 144

Christmas is coming…

Day 117

Mmm. Turkey leg. Jed had it all over his face.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 103 – Veteran’s Day

To all past, present, and future members of America’s armed forces, we thank you, and we salute you.

Day 92 – Happy Halloween!

Little Timmy develops a phobia of pumpkins.

Day 50 – Avast!!

Yarrr! Today beĀ International Talk Like A Pirate Day!
(Every September 19th! – Mark ye calendars!)

Drink up me hearties yo ho!