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Day 317

Day 305

Budget cuts begin to affect both sides of the galactic war.

Day 291

It was at that moment that Lenny’s dreams of becoming a part of the biker gang faded into oblivion.

Day 271

This poor lady had a bike accident. I snapped this photo before helping her up.
Priorities, right?

Day 256

Linwelin the elf liked to hit the bike trails in the early morning when they were deserted.

Day 255

Ronny always took pleasure in holding the smaller kid’s bicycles for a lunch money ransom.

Day 252

Day 214

With the moons high above on a crisp, clear night, TK-885 enjoys a midnight ride.

Day 177

Day 173

Stan parked the camper by the riverbed, and got his bike from the top-side rack. He was ready to hit some trails.

Day 169

Vicky raised the flag. Dale revved his engine and looked over at Steve. In a quarter mile they’d find out who loved Vicky more.

Day 162

Day 22

Day 134

This week will be Photoshop week. Every day a different filter or style.

Off-road biker in colored pencil