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Around town



Keep Calm & Costume On




The Cyclops also gardens

8529098625_e6705552b8_bOrmus tends his rooftop garden.

Hiking in a Winter Wonderland


Good morning!


The ninjas get a new pet.

Day 361

After the war, members of the Trade Federation turned to more agrarian solutions.

Day 354

The lawn cutting & cleanup crew.

Day 353

The great gorilla caper comes to an end.

Day 351

You know that dream when you’re someplace important and you realize you’re in your underwear?

Stanley thought he was having that dream.

He wasn’t.

Day 344

Timmy’s mom knew as soon as he got his motorcycle he’d start hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Day 339

Day 338

On this Independence Day, Hiker visits the National Museum of the Marine Corps outside Washington DC to honor the brave men and women whom have served to help keep our country safe, and free.

Day 336

It seems fitting on our first wedding anniversary to congratulate Derrick & Jennifer (pictured) on their marriage!


Day 335

The Red Ninja returns home after a long day of ninja-ing.

Day 334

Day 333

Day 331

TK-443 won the radio contest, and got to drive the fire engine.

Day 324

’till you drop!