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In place


Trekking into the new year


Mithrandir & the Hiker are going on an adventure.

Snow Bunny


Easter Bunny in the off-season.

Hiking in a Winter Wonderland


on this eve

I hope everyone has an excellent Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Enjoy family, friends, presents, and most importantly: food. I’ve been home for approximately 48 hours and have already eaten enough of my mother’s Christmas cookies to last a month. Merry Christmas everyone!


Santa visits the troops on Hoth.

Day 171

Fred turned to his companion on the bench, “Hey, is the bus running late?”

Day 170

Day 168

“Hey Palpy, it’s Darth. Listen – do you have a Triple A card?”

Day 167

Hiker buys a new coat, new hiking pants, and heads out into a new year of unknown adventure.

Day 165

I’ve had this boat for about 20 years. I’ve been wanting to use it in a shot since I started doing this 3 years ago. I’ve modified it a bit over the years, quite extensively actually before putting it back mostly to its stock build. I’ve never had the opportunity of a puddle, or a stream where I could use it. But, FINALLY!! It’s not an ice breaker, but it’ll do. The boat launch is a mod I did – it lifts up and swings back onto the deck.

Day 164

Day 163

It took Jimmy all day, but he finally finished shoveling the front walkway.

Day 162

Day 161

“Hmm,” said the Inspector, “Sparrow. Fat bird. You might need bigger arrows.”

Day 160

Day 159

Advantage: White Ninja.

Day 158

Day 155

Ricky discovers ski season is over.

Day 151

Day 150

new truck!