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The Cyclops also gardens

8529098625_e6705552b8_bOrmus tends his rooftop garden.

Day 357

Day 342

Day 340

“Well,” said this Inspector, “it’s a Ladybug!”

Day 337

Reflections of the Sith.

Day 328

Day 320

“This is what we in the business call a ‘fixer-upper’.”

Day 298


Day 296

TK 462 fails at windsurfing.

Day 263

There, in what they thought was a hidden cove, the the Trooper’s pleasure cruise came to an end.
And in retrospect, TK-229 probably shouldn’t have offered Officer Thompson a drink.

Day 253

Day 250

Hiker tries to snap a few photos of a waterfall.

Day 248

“Yarrr! Nary these be the droids ye be lookin for!”

Day 245

The crash landing was the least of their troubles. Something had just brushed by TK-824’s leg.

Day 237

Murray didn’t believe in the use of fishing poles. He preferred to just dive down and grab them himself.

Day 236

Day 235

Mead’s Quarry Lake
Ijams Nature Center, Knoxville TN

Day 233

“Well,” said the Inspector, “it is a long way down.”


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Day 227

Day 223

It wasn’t until a few minutes after he shoved off from shore and the current started to take him that Ramirez realized he was up the creek without a paddle.