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Day 362

Preparing some Pirate Stew.

Day 356

Many men had had tried and failed to reach the succulent sweetness inside the fruit.
Now, it was Rachel’s turn.

Day 348

Day 343

Day 332

Day 308

Day 295

The Indian In The Cupboard

Day 261

Mrs. Johnson’s face went from surprise to annoyance as she watched their dinner tumble to the ground.

Day 210

Day 209

Sharing is caring.

Day 207

Day 206

This was a peanut butter & chocolate cupcake that I got from a little cupcake store called “Crave The Cup.” If you have one near you, GO. Oh god it was heavenly.

Day 124

Sir Peters triumphs over the potatoes. Tonight, we dine on pierogies.

Day 123

Surrounded and outnumbered by the army of potatoes, Sir Peters threw down his helmet, raised his sword, and charged.

Day 121

Roger held the top. Hank was the lookout. Murray climbed inside.

Day 117

Mmm. Turkey leg. Jed had it all over his face.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 97

TK-298 takes baking lessons from Jeff, God of Biscuits.

Day 72

TK 610: Lover of cake

Day 13

Day 361


Business is booming.