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Wind Up

8529096419_3cab8fedff_bTK-341 plays with his new toy.

Just act natural

Surrounded by murderous robots programmed to destroy all humans, Steve hoped his camouflage would hold up.

Day 203

Linwelin the elf froze. He sensed a presence. An evil presence. And it was watching him.

Day 115

Day 80

Day 29

No one knew exactly what went on in the robot’s house down the street – but it sure was bright.

Day 340

day340The last of the vintage XR7 series stands rusting in the cold, wet rain.

Day 326

day326Mikey cranked the boom-box, and the dance floor came alive as the robots did the electric slide.

Day 286


Day 164


Thanks to an anonymous tip, the space police finally captured the evil rogue robot, bringing his reign of terror through the galaxy to an end.