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The Toilet Ninja

8526129521_967b1378cc_hContact Sensei Flush for service so fast you’d swear he was a ninja.
(He really is)


The Test

As his mentors eagerly watched, Eric began the final trial: defeating the cat of doom.


The ninjas get a new pet.

Day 355

The Black Ninja.
Shadow of the night.
Blade of justice.
Bringer of righteous tunes.

Day 339

Day 335

The Red Ninja returns home after a long day of ninja-ing.

Day 318

Ninja Squad 4 relaxes after a hard day of ninja-ing.

Day 312

Day 230

In the ongoing epic battle between Ninjas and Pirates, the Ninjas were winning.

An aerial photo was taken as a satellite simultaneously passed overhead:

Day 179


Day 159

Advantage: White Ninja.

Day 145

The White Ninja

2011 Calendars now available!

Hey everyone!
One of the biggest requests I got from people was to make a calendar of my photos – especially the LEGO photos.
So here in time for 2011 are three calendars to choose from!

To see more details & to purchase, click the pictures above or button below to go to the main page
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Day 142

Ninja heads home with his catch.

Day 110

Little did the mime know his day was about to get much worse.

Day 68

In wait.

Day 47

Day 19

Not even a legion of the Emperor’s finest troops could overcome the double-fisted fishes of fury.

Day 11

Ninja LEGO gets an upgrade from his good friend Poseidon.

Day 362


Ninja LEGO floats through the branches like a stealthy breeze.