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In place


Day 269

TK-109 stops at the ATM.

Day 267

Every Easter Vader would use the Force to hold the Trooper’s candy just out of reach.

Day 263

There, in what they thought was a hidden cove, the the Trooper’s pleasure cruise came to an end.
And in retrospect, TK-229 probably shouldn’t have offered Officer Thompson a drink.

Day 258

Day 248

“Yarrr! Nary these be the droids ye be lookin for!”

Day 245

The crash landing was the least of their troubles. Something had just brushed by TK-824’s leg.

Day 228

(newcomers to the blog, see day 67 & 114)

Day 214

With the moons high above on a crisp, clear night, TK-885 enjoys a midnight ride.

Day 192

Easy Vader

Day 162

Day 153

The Empire had the battle all but won, when suddenly the Rebels released their secret weapon: Hector and his maracas.

Day 148

Caution: Watch for ice!

Day 147 – Merry Christmas!

For Christmas, the Troopers presented Darth with a 1/100 scale model of his TIE Fighter.

Merry Christmas everyone!

2011 Calendars now available!

Hey everyone!
One of the biggest requests I got from people was to make a calendar of my photos – especially the LEGO photos.
So here in time for 2011 are three calendars to choose from!

To see more details & to purchase, click the pictures above or button below to go to the main page
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Day 143

Today the Stormtroopers would learn that not only was Glen a good samaritan and a heck of a tax accountant, but he was also a Jedi.

Day 137

Day 114

Day 108