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Hiking in a Winter Wonderland


Day 319

Ivan window shops.

Hiker’s outfit

Hiker is my favorite character – and many of yours too. I’m always looking for ways to upgrade Hiker to the coolest, most awesome styles. First, he got a new pack, then earlier this year he got a new jacket and pair of pants. Now, I’m thinking about upgrading his hat!

I’ve noticed the Indiana Jones fedora hat is being included in more and more sets – and also, that it can look remarkably like a good old fashioned Tilley Hat – the hat of intrepid explorers and, yes, Geologists (as Annie stands behind me with hands on her hips and a disgruntled look for not putting that first) –  all over the world.

So, I’m asking you! Which look for Hiker do you prefer.

NOTE: The results of this poll may or may not influence my final decision 🙂 Also, this is not a contest, just a straight up poll!

Day 239


Day 114

Day 354

day354It was TK-784’s day off, which meant one thing: cowboy hat.