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Day 165

I’ve had this boat for about 20 years. I’ve been wanting to use it in a shot since I started doing this 3 years ago. I’ve modified it a bit over the years, quite extensively actually before putting it back mostly to its stock build. I’ve never had the opportunity of a puddle, or a stream where I could use it. But, FINALLY!! It’s not an ice breaker, but it’ll do. The boat launch is a mod I did – it lifts up and swings back onto the deck.

Day 160

Day 151

Day 150

new truck!

Day 149

Day 148

Caution: Watch for ice!

Day 140

Playing it cool

We’re explorers.

This is how we explore. One planet at a time.

Day 274

day274Pirates never look both ways before crossing the street.

Day 261

day261Indiana Jones carefully navigates the icy field toward his next treasure.

Day 242


Day 217

day217Hiker makes a precarious climb up the cliffs of ice.

Day 203


Day 181

day181The treacherous snow and ice had bogged down the motorcycle, but luckily help had just arrived.

Day 30

Core sample #GAW616: 700 year old hiker