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Giant LEGO

Good morning!

Day 346

Day 343

Day 309

Day 307

Timmy is elected to bring a gift to appease the giant.

Day 266

Day 243

Day 232: 1 Million Views Contest

In honor of reaching 1,000,000 views, all of the little folks that help make a LEGO a day possible have come out to thank you. You guys did it! You, the fans! Thank you! So, they’ve come together for a little contest for you.

———– *** CONTEST  &  RULES *** ———–

Guess the number of minifigs in this photo. These are all the minifigs I own.
–HINT: You can try to count them, but many are blocked and hidden by others – good luck with that.
–HINT: It’s not as many as you might have thought I had, but it’s a pretty good amount.

To enter, simply leave a comment below with your # guess.
YOU MAY ONLY GUESS ONCE – so make it a good one.
(I can see where comments come from, so no shenanigans! Be fair to the large number of kids that visit here)
–Look at the previous entries before you guess – if you duplicate a prior guess #, yours will be void.
–All entries MUST have an contact email – or your entry will be void. If you win I need to be able to contact you.

–If no one guesses the exact number, the next closest either above or below, will be the winner.
For instance, if the exact # was 50, and two people guessed 47 and 52. The person who guessed 52 would win as it’s closer. This isn’t The Price Is Right, you can go over!! 🙂
In the event there is a tie for closest both above & below, then the person who entered FIRST will be the winner.


!!! PRIZE !!!
As stated, the winner will receive the yet to be published photobook chronicling the greatest hits of the two 365 projects.


Day 218

The power was out on the entire street. Luckily, Barney was there to shed some light on the bus stop.

Day 217

At night when you’re asleep, the toys come out to play.

Day 210

Day 209

Sharing is caring.

Day 208

They always said Hank was light on his feet and could just take off in a flash.

Day 207

Day 206

This was a peanut butter & chocolate cupcake that I got from a little cupcake store called “Crave The Cup.” If you have one near you, GO. Oh god it was heavenly.

Day 205

***Welcome visitors of Freshly Pressed!! This photo is 22 days old in the project – oh noes!***

Please be sure you click to the homepage and browse through all the photos!! Over 500!!
-Prints/merchandise are available for a good chunk of them as well-

Day 204


Don’t forget to vote in the caption contest! It closes Monday at NOON!! (check the previous post!)

Day 141

Day 104

Day 82