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Day 353

The great gorilla caper comes to an end.

Day 291

It was at that moment that Lenny’s dreams of becoming a part of the biker gang faded into oblivion.

Day 246

Day 201

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Day 152

Day 138

Officer Peters’ favorite speed trap.

Day 30

Vader gets a parking ticket.

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Day 337

day337Hot pursuit.

*effect created using Omar’s Lomo photoshop action

Day 329

day329Henry was embarrassed this incident with the olive had brought both the police and the rescue squad.

Day 317

NOTE: Ok, so, about 5 minutes ago, my friend just informed me that today’s caption can be construed as a racist and derogatory remark. I want to assure you this was absolutely not my intent, and apologize to anyone who may have been offended by it. Please understand the picture and caption should be taken in a very literal, and not symbolic sense. Thank you.


Officer Pete hit the throttle hard. He wasn’t going to let this monkey get away.

Day 278

day278Members of the precinct prepare to watch the greatest cop movie of all time.

Day 197

day197Mail escort

Day 190

day190“Excuse me Sir, do you know how fast you were going?”

Day 182 (half way there!)

day182Officer Smalls checks for speeders.

Day 176


Ricky was waiting for the call to come in so he could rev up his new ride.

Day 164


Thanks to an anonymous tip, the space police finally captured the evil rogue robot, bringing his reign of terror through the galaxy to an end.

Day 129

It wasn’t until SWAT arrived on scene that Hank realized he had grabbed the wrong helmet.

Day 98

With the spotlight fixed on the scene, the police moved in slowly, trying to coax the man away from jumping off the blinds.

Day 61

The pirates usually didn’t resort to taking hostages, but there’s nary a cop alive that would keep them from their booty.

Day 52