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Beware, 2013. We’re ready.


Day 310

The office of Lord Vader.

Day 135

Hal and Marv touch down on a snowy planet designated HTH-80, roll out the rovers, and begin to explore.

Day 115

Day 312

day312Apparently, this planet already had a name.

Day 209

day209(I know I recently did a setup like this, but I set this up today for a picture for someone to use on a project [different road sign], and decided to tweak it a tad and just use it for today’s picture. Hope you don’t mind!)

Day 206

day206Looking backwards through time.

Day 186

day186With the universe as their backdrop, the two daring explorers paused momentarily on the edge of the precipice, gazing at what possibilities lay ahead.
How I did it

Day 164


Thanks to an anonymous tip, the space police finally captured the evil rogue robot, bringing his reign of terror through the galaxy to an end.

Day 91

Neil Brickstrong. First LEGO on the moon.

Day 51

You can’t speed on other planets, either.

Day 42

Portrait Week ends!

Saturday: Blacktron Space-dude w/ Jetpack

Day 12