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Day 362

Preparing some Pirate Stew.

Day 303

In honor of all who have served, and are currently serving, the pirates feast on this Memorial Day holiday.

Day 230

In the ongoing epic battle between Ninjas and Pirates, the Ninjas were winning.

An aerial photo was taken as a satellite simultaneously passed overhead:

Day 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993

Happy Pi Day!

Use the above equation to find the area of a circle!

***Per your requests, this photos has been added to SmugMug!!***

Day 225

National Pirates Club 2011
Informal Photo

Day 224

Sorry so late today – had a busy Saturday!

National Pirates Club 2011
Formal Photo

Day 223

It wasn’t until a few minutes after he shoved off from shore and the current started to take him that Ramirez realized he was up the creek without a paddle.

Day 222

Usually it took two or three men to portage the boats, but Sampson had been hitting the gym regularly and could do it on his own.

Day 220

Hank didn’t like the way the pirates were fishing. It wasn’t very sportsman-like.

Day 219

Midnight paddle

Day 156

Yarr ye fair lasses! Would ye like t’ climb aboard our mighty vessel?!

Day 59

Day 50 – Avast!!

Yarrr! Today beĀ International Talk Like A Pirate Day!
(Every September 19th! – Mark ye calendars!)

Drink up me hearties yo ho!

Day 36

TK-995 was about to make his move when the pirate showed up.

Day 328

day328Roger sat at the bar, feeling awkwardly out of place.

Day 315

day315“Pirates Anonymous is down the hall, room 616.”

*In other news, I accidentally stabbed, yes, stabbed – not cut, myself in the hand today with a steak knife trying to open one of those god forsaken hard plastic shell cases. Spent a little bit in the ER, got a few stitches and a Tetanus booster! Hooray! You can see the relatively mild carnage here: The Weapon and here: Aftermath

Day 302

day302Gus proves fishing poles are for suckers.

Day 277

day277“Is there an ARRRRRRRRRRR?!”

(don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming)

Day 274

day274Pirates never look both ways before crossing the street.

Day 259

day259Kiss me, I’m Pirate.

Happy Valentine’s Day (belated)