for two years. -less often, now



The ninjas get a new pet.

No snow

The waiting is the hardest part

a trip

I went with Annie on one of her ventures into the mountains for her Graduate Project on Saturday. We went to Linville Falls, NC. Hiker came with us.

Worlds Collide

“Well,” said the Inspector, “it’s an inspector!”


Dylan and Steve took their jobs as dinosaurs a little too seriously.


This is basically how I feel right now toward the people who take care of licensing. I really really really wanted to have the photobook available for Christmas, but obviously it’s too late now. I’ve even told them I just want the one license now for one song – hoping that would speed things up. But no. It’s still been nearly 2 months. Dan angry!

I was in the mood to take a few photos, so I did. They’ll be popping up this week.

Day 365 – Outside The Wall

All alone or in twos
The ones who really love you
Walk up and down outside the wall.
Some hand in hand.
Some gathered together in bands.
The bleeding hearts and the artists
Make their stand.
And when they’ve given you their all
Some stagger and fall
After all it’s not easy
Banging your heart 
Against some mad bugger’s wall.


Thank you to everyone for making this year even bigger than the first. Thanks to all of you who submitted suggestions,
bought prints, left comments, and participated in the contests. Special thanks to David, Mona, Sandra, Monica, & Don,
whose donations made it possible to purchase the box of bricks to complete this last photo. You all made it a hell of a lot of fun
once again to spend and entire year consumed by LEGO. Not that that’s a horrible thing…

As always, thank you to my loving wife for support, help, and understanding. I heart you.
Prints will remain available, and I will be updating the store with some more recent pics. If there isn’t one on there that
you’d like, just drop me a comment or an email.

2012 calendars will be available on my RedBubble site probably starting sometime in November.

Stay tuned to the blog here for upcoming contests, and more photos. I’m going to take a little break
for a while, and then probably start doing weekly(ish) photos again. After coming up with 730 ideas
my mind is a little tapped right now. Ha!

Thank you, again. Your enjoyment of this project made me see it through…again.
Make sure you watch the video linked above.
Best wishes,

isn’t this where…

Day 364

“Well,” said the Inspector, “I’ve seen better.”

(Thanks to Stephane from Le Mans for the idea – though I tweaked it a little)

Day 363

The wizard waved his wand, repeated the incantation, and from the blocks was born…Darryl.

Day 362

Preparing some Pirate Stew.

Day 361

After the war, members of the Trade Federation turned to more agrarian solutions.

Day 360

Randy had seen how the stranger’s drink had affected his two friends, yet he reluctantly accepted it.

Day 359

Hal shows off his new dog boots.

Day 356

Many men had had tried and failed to reach the succulent sweetness inside the fruit.
Now, it was Rachel’s turn.

Day 355

The Black Ninja.
Shadow of the night.
Blade of justice.
Bringer of righteous tunes.

Day 353

The great gorilla caper comes to an end.

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