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Day 290

Day 287

The Legions of Vader bring the :rawk with their hit single It’s a Trap!

Bonus photos!

The Legions of Vader put on a concert in the park.

Here is the stage in normal regular light to see. I’m actually pretty proud of it. It’s nothing magical, but I think I did a good job on the drum kit, and the speaker stacks are simple, but effective. Go to this photo on my Flickr and mouse over for descriptive notes:

Day 260

As Chad reached across into the light, his hand vanished…

Day 251

Day 218

The power was out on the entire street. Luckily, Barney was there to shed some light on the bus stop.

Day 217

At night when you’re asleep, the toys come out to play.

Day 208

They always said Hank was light on his feet and could just take off in a flash.

Day 195

Baby / Baby / Baby / Light my way

Day 141

Day 131

“Well,” said the Inspector, “it’s burning my retina.”

Day 113

House pirates attempt to hide their treasure in the lamp.

Day 107

Day 101

Day 35

Day 29

No one knew exactly what went on in the robot’s house down the street – but it sure was bright.

Day 350

day350Night moves

Day 290

day290Exploring the spectrum

Day 267

day267Imaginary friend

Day 266

day266Little did Robby know that getting shoved into his middle school locker would bring him back to Narnia.