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Day 359

Hal shows off his new dog boots.

Day 358

Day 357

Day 356

Many men had had tried and failed to reach the succulent sweetness inside the fruit.
Now, it was Rachel’s turn.

Day 355

The Black Ninja.
Shadow of the night.
Blade of justice.
Bringer of righteous tunes.

Day 354

The lawn cutting & cleanup crew.

Day 353

The great gorilla caper comes to an end.

Day 352

Then Manny realized he wasn’t just another face in the crowd. He was the only face in the crowd.

Day 351

You know that dream when you’re someplace important and you realize you’re in your underwear?

Stanley thought he was having that dream.

He wasn’t.

Day 350

Day 349

“Now here, students, we see the area of this table is 36 square feet.”

Day 348

Day 347

Day 346

Day 345

Day 344

Timmy’s mom knew as soon as he got his motorcycle he’d start hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Day 343

Day 342

Day 341

Day 340

“Well,” said this Inspector, “it’s a Ladybug!”