for two years. -less often, now


Day 331

TK-443 won the radio contest, and got to drive the fire engine.

Day 330

Igor shifted to the next step and considered his options. On one hand, he could exercise control over the board, yet on the other hand he could simply command.


Hey everyone!

After a stop-over in VA to visit our friend, I’m finally back. I’ll start work on at least 10 photos tonight! Check back!


Day 326

While the other kids spent their time talking and giggling, Stan did what his father taught him: kept his eye on the prize.

Day 321

Figures, Vader thought. I’ve got to get these invitations out to the entire Empire and here I am stuck behind little Jimmy from 3rd Street who can barely reach the mail slot.

Day 320

“This is what we in the business call a ‘fixer-upper’.”

Day 318

Ninja Squad 4 relaxes after a hard day of ninja-ing.

Day 316

Hector seizes his chance to prove himself to Athos and Porthos, and become a Musketeer of the Guard.

Day 315

Hey everyone! I was out of town at a friend’s wedding, then I was enjoying a retreat with the 5th grade team to celebrate a retirement, then it was my birthday, then I needed to get some sleep in between all of that. Then it’s now, and here are the photos I missed.

Ricky steps on a crack.

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