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DK Community /// Minifigure Madness Photo Contest

Hey everyone!
Ok, time for some cool news.
As you know, DK is the company behind the awesometastic LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, which I had the privilege of checking out early and covering it’s launch party on 10/10/09. Not to mention a whole collection of LEGO Brickmaster books for making countless exclusive LEGO models from various themes from Star Wars to Pirates.

Now, DK is breaking into internet media, with DK Community ( It’s still new, so there isn’t a ton of content, but they have asked me to join up and doing some blogging, and would love for you all to sign up as well!

Why sign up, you say? Well, as part of the introduction of DK Community, the site is holding its first photo contest: Minifigure Madness!!
Want to take photos of your LEGO minifigs, like me? Now’s your chance to show your stuff!
Create an account, and head over to the Photos section of the Community, and click on Minifigure Madness. (Direct link:
Simply click “Add a photo,” to upload.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please tag your photos with “minifigure madness” so people can easily search them out. All photos uploaded must be your own. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and is against the law.

Once the photos start rolling in and the contest gets going, there will be weekly winners! So, take photos often, and submit them just as often. Got a friend who likes to take photos? Let them know! Get everyone with a camera and some LEGO involved. The more people, the better the contest.

And, um, also, let DK know where you heard the news, because whoever refers the most people to the contest gets a prize! Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was me! Yeah! Totally! We support you Dan! Wooo! 🙂

Stay tuned for more information on new books from DK, and cool stuff at DK Community.


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