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Here is the first of a few posts that will include photos and info from the event!

I’d like to personally thank DK Publishing for this opportunity, LEGO, LucasFilm, the awesome staff at Borders, and of course the members of the 501st Legion who came out.

This first group of photos is mostly of the store scene – before/during/after.

Hmm…where would you fit this?! Surely the Empire has classes in all these subjects…

People were picking up their copies to take home all day!

Some weren’t phased at all by the presence of pure power, and went about their daily business reading…

Then members of the 501st Legion arrived. The event began. Some greeted fans. Some stood watch.

Vader checks his displays…

Some Storm Troopers decided to browse the selection in this side of the galaxy:

Vader finally picked up a copy of the book

And so did the rest of the 501st..

Lastly tonight, again, a big thanks to the 501st, and the staff at Borders. You deserve some recognition! Here’s to both of you!


  • Winners will be picked for both contests in the evening.
  • Photos of the kids and attendees of the event!
  • More fun photos of the 501st being just pretty awesome.

Thank you everyone!


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