for two years. -less often, now

What a day! (Updated – see bottom of post)

Well. That was a ton of fun!

The Bad News: I couldn’t get my laptop online at Borders – even with the help of their networky-type guy. He said everything was going super slow, and he couldn’t even get on much with his iPhone. Total bust there. So, I am sorry for not being able to live-update while I was there – but maybe it was for the better because I got a ton of great photos.

The Good News: I got a ton of awesome photos. Talked to some great members of the 501st Legion, hung out with Darth, watched the kiddies play some games and trivia.

Darth Vader did try to help me get my computer online so I could live-blog…

101009-2But he couldn’t get it to work either.

This angered him.


Winners for the contests will be picked by me late tonight!

UPDATE!! Since it’s wicked late, and people are still visiting and making comments – I am going to extend the deadline for contest entries until tomorrow afternoonish sometime. Plus, Annie is out with her sisters on the town celebrating her birthday, and I want her to help me decide!

Thank you everyone for participating! Pictures of the event forthcoming!

Thanks everyone!!


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