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The Main Event!

Alright everyone…here we go.

Like I said, I will be at the Borders in Fairfax (VA) this Saturday for the big release of the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary!
For those of you in the northern VA area that want to stop by, and to locate an event near you, please go HERE!! for the addresses.

(NOTE: Prizes will NOT be given away at the event, they are for online participants only!!)

DK Publishing and LEGO are furnishing a total of 4 Prize packs to be given away right here, and they are:

(1) Mega Pack includes: (1) copy LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary; (1) 10/10/09 T-Shirt; (1) Postcard pack from San Diego Comic Con; (1) Darth Vader Minifigure.

(3) Mini Packs, each mini pack includes: (1) copy LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary; (1) 10/10/09 T-Shirt.

These prizes will be awarded by me, to anyone who drops by the blog on Saturday and follows the updates during the event. Now, if something goes terribly wrong and say, Borders doesn’t have WiFi available for me to use to live update, I will be making a big post when I return from the event that includes everything, and you can post your comments to that!

If you wish to be considered for a prize giveaway, you MUST include a valid contact email when leaving a comment. I will contact you if you are chosen, and will need a valid shipping address. The publishing company will be mailing the prize packages to the winners. If you don’t leave a valid email, I can’t contact you!

Now, I have a few random things that I can give away myself too, and I will cover the shipping (US Residents ONLY please…sorry, I don’t want to get into international shipping)

These things include:

  • 2 t-shirts (both size Large)
  • 1 free copy of the book
  • Collectible Postcard Packs (3)
  • Tons and tons of buttons!

I haven’t quite figured out how to pick the winners for these yet, but I will figure something out.

Anyway, I think that covers it for right about now.

Check back here early Saturday morning for a first post of the day to get things rolling for the prizes – and be prepared, you may have to put some thought into it! 🙂

SATURDAY! 10/10/09 !! BE THERE!

(Also it’s my fiancee’s, Annie, birthday! She’ll be there with me so wish her a happy birthday too!)


One response

  1. This sounds like fun! Wish we lived close enough. But I will enter on Saturday.

    Re choosing winners: there are a couple of random number generators online that bloggers often use to choose prizewinners among commenters. You just enter the number of entries you have, click, and it chooses a number.

    October 8, 2009 at 9:49 pm

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